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Halo and League of Legends devs join a prosthetic maker to build ‘bionic arms’ for kids

Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organisation that builds affordable prosthetic arms for children across the US. You might’ve seen a video years ago when Robert Downey Jr delivered an Iron Man-themed ‘bionic arm’ to a young fan from the company, and Limbitless now has a new set of partners helping to empower kids – 343 Industries and Riot Games.

That means kids can now get 3D-printed prosthetics modeled after the heroes of Halo and League of Legends. For 343’s sci-fi shooter, those designs include either something molded after the Master Chief’s Mk VI armour, or a customisable Mjolnir look that offers a bit more multiplayer flair. (Let’s just keep Halo’s M rating among these child-oriented products to ourselves.)

On the League side, the final prototypes came down to Odyssey Jinx, Star Guardian, Shurima, Illaoi, and Maokai, but it was the Jinx look that came out on top after the team’s internal design contest – which you can read much more about over at the official site. Both the Halo and League arms will be available to families early in 2019.

Limbitless provides its services for free to qualifying families, and they can sign up via the official site.

This one’s a heartwarmer – these characters mean a lot to all of us in the gaming world, but now they can have real impact on the everyday lives of kids in need.

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