Halo mod turns concept art weapon into the real deal

A Halo mod in The Master Chief Collection turns a weapon only seen in concept art into a useable FPS gun over a decade since the game's initial release

Halo mod turns concept art weapon into the real deal: Spartan Noble Six holding the concept art LMG modded into Halo Reach

A brand new Halo mod for 2010 FPS game Halo: Reach turns a piece of concept art into the real deal, as it adds a gun never seen in any of the games into Reach’s campaign in Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC.

Called “Reach Concept Art M73 Light Machine Gun,” the mod introduces and LMG to Halo: Reach only ever seen in concept art for the game, and because of this it fits right in with the aesthetic and lore of the UNSC and Spartan soldiers.

Gameplay of the Halo mod has also been shared by creator Skullmuncher3, showing the M73 light machine gun in action during the Halo: Reach campaign, and it’s an overpowered alternative for anyone wanting to run through one of the best Halo campaigns one more time.

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Interestingly, the weapon can only be seen in a single piece of concept art for Halo: Reach, which is believed to have been created by concept artist Isaac Hannaford. It’s unclear why then Halo developer Bungie didn’t include the LMG, or if it was just a cool piece of concept art that never went anywhere, but either way it’s great to see a classic Halo FPS getting a new weapon over ten years later.

If you want to try out the modded LMG for yourself, you can find Skullmuncher3’s creation on Nexus Mods alongside instructions on how to get it working in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Speaking of mods, a Halo: The Master Chief Collection mod is set to use Halo 3 as a baseline to completely revamp the original trilogy, turning it into one giant game with bigger levels, more enemies, and extra mechanics. 343 Industries have even shown off more of the restored vehicles, weapons and features from the abandoned Halo RTS game from 1999.