Halo: Reach season points – how to rank up fast

If you want to get your hands on various Halo cosmetics, you’re going to need season points and lots of them


How do you get Halo: Reach season points and what do they do? The new experience system is one of the new features that has made its way into Halo: Reach following its launch on PC with the Master Chief Collection. Alongside support for Halo: Reach mods, a slew of new features make sense as the MCC collection originally came to Xbox five years ago. It’s nice to keep things fresh.

We’re also getting Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo ODST, Halo 3, and Halo 4 throughout 2020, so we reckon season points will play a part there, too. Halo: Reach season points are a new progression system that players can indulge in to unlock various cosmetics such as nameplates, Firefight voices, and pieces of Halo Reach armor.

Unfortunately, however, it isn’t too clear how you get them. In this Halo: Reach season points guide we’ll go over how you can earn them, how they work, and what activities you can do to get more of them.

How to get Halo: Reach season points

Luckily for us, snapping up season points is straightforward. Every time you rank up, you’ll receive a season point. You can find your current rank in the top right of your screen next to the nameplate. If you’ve played any of the previous Halo games you’ll recognise the ranking system. Essentially, you work your way up through the military ranks like Private, Corporal, and so on.

To rank up you’ll need XP, and the two places to get them are multiplayer and Firefight. Once you have some season points you’ll be able to spend them on various cosmetics. You’ll have to unlock them in sequence, however, so you’ll need to work a bit for the bits of gear that you want.

And there you have it, that’s how to get Halo: Reach season ranks. It turns out to be pretty simple once fully explained, thankfully. Once you have a few to your name, you’ll be able to get busy unlocking bits of armor and other cosmetics – meaning that your Spartan will be looking distinctive in no time.