Halo Insiders have a shot at getting in on the MCC multiplayer flight today

10,000 registered players will have a chance to get into the FireFlight.

Halo reach PC beta

If you’re a Halo Insider, you might want to be watching the skies – the delayed Halo Reach ‘FireFlight’ for PC is about to take off.

343 community manager Tyler ‘Postums’ Davis announced on Twitter this morning that the FireFlight PC test will be kicking off at 10:00 PT today, and about 10,000 registered Halo Insiders will be approved to take part.

This flight was originally meant to take place back in July, but persistent bugs prevented that from happening and forced 343 to delay the test until the flight build could pass the studio’s internal testing process, which it calls “rings.” Problems that prevent a build from passing through these rings are called “blocking bugs,” and until now, there have been enough of these to prevent the FireFlight from working as intended.

Davis answered a few questions about the flight posed by fans responding to his tweet. The flight will be locked at 60fps, although players will be able to adjust their FOV settings. Davis says the 60fps lock is only in place for flighting, and that the team is “working on supporting many options right now in the future.”

The PC-only flight is also open globally, and not limited to North America or any other region.

Davis said information on how long the flight will last will go out once he’s sent invitations to the Halo Insiders selected for the flight, and that they’ll be able to jump in as soon as they’ve downloaded the game.

The test will cover Halo MCC’s Firefight mode, which we got to see an hour of just the other day. It’s looking like a ton of fun, but it seems likely that we’ll have to wait a while before the Master Chief Collection is ready for release on the PC.

For Halo Insiders today watching their inboxes, as Davis said, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”