Halo 3 players are getting inventive with the new acrophobia skull

A Halo 3 player using the new acrophobia skull to smash a Banshee

When I first saw a Halo 3 player fly around a map swatting Banshees with a gravity hammer on Reddit, I assumed it was the work of mods or other PC-based witchcraft. It turns out that Halo 3 has got a new skull (thanks, Eurogamer) to mark its arrival on PC 13 years after it launched on Xbox 360.

The new Halo 3 skull is called Acrophobia, and it lets you fly around the game at some pace. You can get the new Halo 3 skull by gunning down 343 – because 343 Industries, get it? – airborne enemies to complete the Acrophobia challenge. Flying enemies include banshees, drones, and sentinels, but we’d recommend targeting drones by slapping on the normal difficulty and heading to the Crow’s Nest mission. Once you’re there, head to the hanger, and you’ll find plenty of drones to chop down.

While it’s undoubtedly a bit of fun, I’m quite keen to see what Halo 3 speedrunners will do with the new Acrophobia skull. One player discovered he could use the skull to kill the Chieftain during a cutscene in an earlier level, so who knows what kind of skips are out there to be found.

While zipping around the map without a care seems like fun, it looks like it does require a wee bit of control. You can thank this Halo 3 player for teaching you that. 

The acrophobia skull and gravity hammer makes a fantastic combo. Thank you 343! from halo

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