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Halo 4’s upcoming test flight will let you try out new Forge features

Halo 4 on PC is nearly a reality

After several long years of not having Halo 4 on PC, players will finally be getting a first-look at the elusive PC version of this great FPS game during the next test flight for Halo: Master Chief Collection. Thanks to a blog post on Halo Waypoint, we now know what is being tested.

343 says that it wants to “test our distribution pipeline, test various new features and quality of life improvements, gather feedback on the content listed below, and ensure all supporting systems are functioning properly in preparation for bringing Halo 4 to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC”.

To do this, the test flight will explore how certain campaign missions and Spartan Ops missions work within the PC version. Several new features will also be made available for players to test (and possibly break), including the ability to create your own maps in the Forge mode, customisation for your Spartan, theatre mode, and challenges. Content for ‘Season 4’, as well as options for input-based matchmaking and crossplay with the Xbox One version of the Master Chief Collection will also be tested.

Multiplayer for Halo 4 will also make up a big chunk of the test flight, so you can be the best sniper picking off players from afar, or you can just make them burst with the needler on some of Halo 4’s maps. Most of the details for which maps and ranked modes will be available have yet to have been determined, but the social games (unranked) modes will be:

  • 4v4 team deathmatch
  • 8 player free-for-all
  • 12 player Infection
  • 8v8 team deathmatch

Finally, important settings and options will also be available to use within Halo 4. These include:

  • Controls: Configure Mouse & Keyboard and Configure Gamepad
  • Video: Field-Of-View, Vehicle Field-Of-View, Gamma, Window Mode, Aspect Ratio, Resolution Scale, V-Sync, HUD Anchoring, Unified Medal Display, Framerate Limit, Graphics Quality, and more.
  • Audio: Game Volume including Menu Music Volume, Game Music Volume, Effects Volume, Voice Chat Volume. Also, Voice Chat Channel, and Push to Talk Voice Chat.
  • Gameplay: Show Challenge Notifications, Allow Untrusted Files, File Share Trust Level, and Credits.
    Network: Network and Relays
  • Accessibility: Subtitles, Change Language, Convert Text-To-Speech, Convert Speech-To-Text, and Text Chat Availability

Perhaps the biggest new feature coming to Halo 4’s Forge mode, a sandbox where you get to make new maps on the fly, is something called the “Thorage treatment”. This will add “a number of objects to the forge canvas maps. Some are pulled from other multiplayer maps while others are pulled from Campaign or Spartan Ops. Some will allow forgers to add visual flair to their maps while others are new toys with exciting gameplay opportunities. These additions will be backed by increases to the Forge budget and object quotas.”

A collection of new items to decorate maps with in Halo 4's 'Thorage' update.

You’ll also be able to wear the ‘GRD’ helmet cosmetic item for the first time, which was previously a “long-lost unreleased Halo: Reach helmet”.

There is also a first look at the ‘Custom Game Filter’, which will allow players to filter searches for games, maps, game types, regions, and number of players. This will not be in the test flight, but it’s definitely in development and that’s what matters here.

343 has already announced that Halo 4 flighting will take place in October. You will however need to be a Halo Insider to get into it though, so make sure you sign up if you want to participate.