The fiery Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano joins Halo Wars 2 as a new multiplayer leader

Halo Wars 2

With many more promised to come, Microsoft have released a £4.79 DLC drop for Halo Wars 2, adding Lt. Colonel Morgan as a new multiplayer leader. 

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The DLC is also included in the Season Pass if you have one of those.

Judging by the trailer above, Kinsano is a pyromaniac with a big old mech that can dual wield flamethrowers. She also has unique units that continue that trend, with flamethrower-equipped Warthogs, and ground troops who like to make aliens all crispy.

Missiles can be called in, and the battlefield can be bathed in napalm with her unique leader abilities. Did I mention she likes fire?

Who needs a personality when you have a deep affinity with one of the elements? Her nickname is ‘Inferno’, for god’s sake.

New content is planned to land every month, from new campaign missions to more leaders.

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