Watch Simon Miller trash the entire RTS genre, and you, for 7 minutes straight

Simon Miller hates RTS

Nothing says Monday quite like settling down for seven minutes as a bald man with the physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger tells you in excruciating detail why the RTS genre and its fans are a great big waste of time. If you love RTS games, this one might not be for you,  although it’s worth pointing out that he does segue at least once to target people who do bicep curls in the squat rack – if you do both of those things, we’re double sorry.

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So what exactly does Miller hate so much about the RTS genre? It’s clicking: he thinks there’s too much clicking. Quelle surprise, Simon Miller, a man who laughs at the very idea of eating something that isn’t chicken, thinks that the entire RTS genre and everyone who enjoys it is trash because it doesn’t require boulder shoulders and diet of lean protein to master. Sure enough, he’s also not a fan of StarCraft pro players or Center Parcs, but oddly enough, is into Age of Empires – more on those in the video.

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