Grab one of 1,000 starter packs for mythical turn-based battler Hand of the Gods

Hand of the Gods

Hi-Rez Studios recently put its free-to-play, turn-based strategy game Hand of the Gods (formerly Smite Tactics) into open beta. That means you can jump into the game right now after creating an account on its official website. What are you waiting for?

Oh, you want a little more info about the game? Well, Hands of the Gods is derived from Hi-Rez’s action-MOBA Smite, which means its full of mythological gods and creatures from which you build your army. It pulls from Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse, and Roman pantheons.

Once you’ve assembled your holy force, Hand of the Gods lets you participate in competitive multiplayer matches as well as single-player adventures. In battle, you need to command your Gods, strategically position your units, take advantage of terrain, and use your divine powers to defeat your enemies.

Now then, we’re giving away 1,000 Roman starter packs for Hand of the Gods. Each one containsHalt x1,Rain of Arrows x1, andTerra x1. You can grab yourself one of the starter packs by using the widget below. Simply choose one of the actions and complete it in order to get your free code.

To redeem your code, follow these instructions:

1. Create an account at

2. Start the game

3. Go to the shop

4. Click on ‘Redeem code’

5. Enter the code

6. Enjoy!

Hand of the Gods giveaway