Hard West is X-Com with cowboys and demons. Watch it in action

The development of Hard West is threatened by hard times.

Hard West is X-Com with cowboys. And then, just in case that wasn’t enough to sell you on the concept, a bunch of demons show up and start doing all manner of spooky weird stuff.

Not the kind of spooky weird stuff that renders them immune to being shot in their demonic faces with a revolver, mind you, as this new gameplay footage amply demonstrates.

The top-down, turn-and-tile based strategy game comes from a bunch of ex-Call of Juarez and Dead Island developers, whose Kickstarter sailed past its $70,000 CAD goal last year.

It’s a game in which you can flip over tables to duck behind in firefights, shout “hands up!” at guards to take them hostage, ricochet bullets off nearby metal objects and wield a nine-barrel shotgun. And then demons show up, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear right now.

It looks fantastic, and supports my theory that there should be X-Com versions ofeverything. Hard West is planning to launch later this year. Here’s there Kickstarter page with more info.