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Hard West out now on Steam, cowboys and cannibals meet for supernatural shooting


Duelling pistols at dawn. Robbing stage coaches. Back To The Future Part III. Surely these are the things that first spring to mind when one thinks about the humble Western. Well, that’s not how Hard West remembers the American Frontier. This new turn-based shooter, which is now available on Steam, is more concerned with paranormal pentagrams than saloon smackdowns.

Hard West seems pretty tactical. If you feel those cerebral juices flowing, read up on our guide to the best PC strategy games.

Developed by Polish Studio CreativeForge Games, this unique spin on the Wild West follows a chap named Warren who’s seeking vengeance on this dark world as he battles his way through 40 levels of cultists and cannibals.

Aside from tactical, turn-based blasting, CreativeForge also say you’ll need to make “difficult choices that resonate throughout your journey”. If you want to take a break from slaughtering Hannibal Lecter’s pals, you can also collect poker cards that can be used to craft special abilities.

Creatively, Hard West shares a tie with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with composer Marcin Przybyłowicz following up his stonking score in Geralt’s quest with this curious cowboy shooter.

All this talk of Westerns has reminded me just how desperate I am for that Red Dead Redemption PC port that’s totally never going to happen. What I wouldn’t give for a little slice of 4K John Marston.