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Sci-fi scrapper sim Hardspace: Shipbreaker prepares to undock from Early Access

The next update for Hardspace: Shipbreaker will be its official PC release, adding the final campaign act and more features

A yellow-and-black checkered space station in Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Blackbird Interactive’s industrial sci-fi game about pulling apart decommissioned spaceships while working off a ruinous debt, is about to leave Early Access. Version 1.0 will arrive sometime this spring, and will include the final act of the narrative campaign and some features fans have been requesting during its time in development.

Shipbreaker version 1.0 will include Act III of the narrative campaign, which will be the conclusion to the story – but you’ll be able to keep on scrapping ships even after the narrative has wrapped up, Blackbird says. “Though it’s bittersweet to think that the story will soon find its conclusion, it’s going to be a satisfying and exciting end to the campaign,” the studio says in the latest update.

The 1.0 patch will also add ship saving, which fans have been keen to see included for some time. That’ll mean you can start working on a ship, close the game, and return where you left off if you have to take a break.

The studio also says it’s been fine-tuning the progression curve so that players shouldn’t run into as many problems caused by random salvage values found in different ships. The 1.0 release will also be adding Steam achievements, plus a big round of bug fixes, stability improvements, and optimisations.

It’s worth noting that once Shipbreaker leaves Early Access, its price will be going up to $34.99 USD (or your regional equivalent). The official launch will also mean a progression reset for current players, so don’t get too attached to the save you’re working on now. Blackbird says it’ll share more specific details about the launch date as Hardspace: Shipbreaker gets closer to release.