We know you love PC games – it’d be lovely to hear about your hardware, too

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If you’re looking at this content-packed, delightfully orange website we can safely assume you’re a bit of a PC gaming fan. We can also guess that you’ve got a rig of some kind to play all the biggest and best PC games on. Now, whether you’re a hardware aficionado, just getting to grips with all the nuts and bolts of PCs, or somewhere in between, we’d love to hear from you through our new hardware user survey.

We’re keen to hear about what kit you like to play on – whether that be a gaming laptop, PC, or both, as well as if you bought a custom-made rig or built your own. Plus, we’d love to know a bit about how you pick out your upgrades and what kind of gamer you’d consider yourself – for example, are you a core gamer, a casual fan, a high-end hobbyist, or something else?

Even if you’re not big into your hardware or you don’t own your own rig, still feel free to take the survey – if you’re on this here site, your input will still be handy for us to hear!

You can take our hardware user survey via the embed below if you’d be interested in filling it out. There are ten questions in total, and it shouldn’t take longer than around five minutes to complete:

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Thanks for your time if you do decide to fill it out – and, if not, perhaps we can interest you in the vast array of top notch PC gaming goodies on the site? Do get cosy and take a look around our hardware section – as well as our news, features, reviews, and other goodies, too – while you’re here. There’s a ton of great stuff to sink your little gnashers into.

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