Harmonix Music VR, the psychedelic virtual reality visualiser, is coming to Steam

Harmonix Music VR

There are times when you love a song so much that you want to climb inside it. It ought to be the focal point of your attention, so playing a game or washing the dishes while you listen won’t cut it. For whatever reason there’s no room to dance, and nowhere to drive to with the speakers blaring. Those are the moments to boot up Music VR: the Harmonix visualiser now apparently headed for the PC.

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The game, if it is that, was revealed for PlayStation’s Project Morpheus back in June. But it’s now listed as an upcoming entry on Steam, goggle-eyed Oculus redditors have spotted.

Harmonix Music VR takes any song you give it and generates an “event sequence”. The results can vary from relaxing surrealism to full-on psychedelia, depending on your settings.

“We have control over every aspect of your surroundings, using our internally-developed, amazingly effective song analysis voodoo,” said creative lead Jon Carter back in June. “We still use real-time data, but we can also look at the entire song, break it into sections, identify specific drum hits, and even categorize the feel of song sections to drive the visual and environmental transformations.”

Can you imagine sitting up in your lounge with this? Or would you rather stick with Audiosurf?