Bring some heroes out of retirement, as Frozenbyte announce Has-Been Heroes

Has-Been Heroes

In partnership with GameTrust, Trine developers Frozenbyte have revealed their new roguelike, titled Has-Been Heroes. Casting you as fantasy heroes who have just hung up their swords and shields, you are called back into action to go on one last epic quest. What is the quest you ask? Well, it’s walking the king’s twin daughters to school.

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While this may sound like a joke of a quest for heroes who have slain dragons and saved kingdoms, this school run is no easy task. This journey sees players fighting off hordes of angry skeletons and zombies as they get the kids to registration on time. I doubt ‘being attacked by the undead’ will get you off a detention for lateness.

Frozenbyte have shown off three classes in the announce trailer with the Warrior, the Monk and the Rogue. While the three fulfill all the usual fantasy stereotypes, what’s unique about Has-Been Heroes is how character attacks and powers interact. Your party of three is set up in three lanes, with characters moving forward on the way to school. As enemies approach in each lane, your party can rapidly switch positions, attacking with sword slashes, magic spells and projectiles to destroy oncoming opponents. Much like Magicka, you can combine attacks together, resulting in devastating moves which can take out a whole line of skeletons. For example, you can combine one of the Monk’s fire spells with one of the Warrior’s sword strikes to cut through multiple enemies with one flaming slice.

As Has-Been Heroes is a roguelike, each trip to school will be different, with the map giving you brand new routes to class each time you start an adventure. You can choose which path you take, going on detours to grab extra loot or fight more enemies, while you could also beeline straight for school so the heroes can get home and go back to bed.

More heroes do join on your quest, including the tale-telling Bard, an Anthropologist turned Mexican Wrestler, a Dwarf and even a robot. Frozenbyte are certainly going all in on the goofy humour for Has-Been Heroes, so your mileage may vary with its wackiness.

Has-Been Heroes is set to launch on Steam on March 28.

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