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Hawken Gamescom footage shows mechs being shooty, stampy, and jumpy to the sound of 90s techno


Hawken’s on the floor at this year’s Gamescom for all and sundry to play. As it’s continued to do since its first announcement, it’s looking gorgeous. Have a look after the jump.

This was recorded by the fellows over at PC Gamer who threw it up with the nearest music they could find (looping techno) to cover the noise of the crowd. We can do a little better than that though. Tab this and hit play on the footage below:

Much better, amiright?

Those cityscapes alone make Hawken one of the best looking games currently in development. That said, look at those weapons straddling your view, huge bulky creatures. They look like they can pack some real punch. Though, that doesn’t seem to carry over so much to the gameplay. Despite lots of detailed particle effects the weapons don’t tear through the health bars that quickly. Nor does the cockpit seem to take much of a kicking when under fire.

It’s difficult to say how good it will be to play; these games depend so much on the feel of what it’s like in the cockpit, but, purely as a spectator item, Hawken’s got chops.