Hawken gets a new map and some Christmas cheer

Operation Kill Mecha-Santa

Hawken’s Last Eco map is rather nice. It’s got trees and nature and probably squirrels, which is a welcome change of scenery from the dry deserts and urban jungles the mechs normally find themselves battling in. But you know what would make it even nicer? Christmas trees! Candy Cane! Festive nonsense!

Even mech pilots like to celebrate blizzards, heating cost increases and indulgence. So Last Eco is now appropriately Yule-ified and you can slap some wrapping paper on your mechs or even employ some snowman repair drones, which sounds like a blooming hoot. 

And since it’s the season of giving, there’s a brand new map available to boot. It’s a bloody Christmas miracle is what it is. 

The new map, Wreckage, takes place around a crashed cargo ship containing a hoard of loot, and the battle will encompass the crippled remains of the huge vessel as well the surrounding damp swampland. This update also brings with it a bunch of new cosmetic options, including some ferocious looking skins for mechs, a new set of thrusters and a flashy repair droid.

Merry Steely Death Day!

Cheers, PCGamer.