Hawken patch adds new mech and a level to flit about in


When Hawken first launched its open beta we felt like it was a little short on content, there were only a couple of levels to play about in and very few mechs with which to do so. The latest patch hopes to rectify that by adding both a new mech, the Raider, and a new map, Facility.

The patch introducing the two is also packed with weapon balances and bug fixes too.

The Raider is set to be a nippy close-quarters brawler, one which can close the distance between you and your foes in the blink of an eye and then hit them with everything you have before bolting again. To aid it in that glorious aim it has the Blitz ability, which “lets you boost forward AND fire your weapons at the same time! No other mech does that!”

The rest of the new changes are set out in the changelog. Now this change log is taken from a blog post from the 1 March so if ever it says “Details coming March 5”, do not fear, you have not travelled back in time for some reason. So do not attempt to contact EA and tell them their servers are awful and will ruin the launch of SimCity. That boat has sailed.

The patch should automatically install through the Hawken client.