Hawken released on Steam ahead of full launch


Hawken’s been selling mechs and weapons for more than a year so you’d be forgiven to think the thing had launched already. Apparently it was still in open beta, though that tag is not long for this world. As developer Adhesive race towards the semantic finish line they’re making the game even more accessible. To that end, the team are releasing Hawken on Steam.

“Steam is the premier platform for PC gaming reaching millions of gamers worldwide and will allow us to introduce HAWKEN to a brand new audience,” write Adhesive. “As we continue to focus on a full release in 2014, expanding our reach is a major priority for us.Today, we’re bringing LIVE services down to begin our transition to Steam. This is quite a major shift for us, so the process will not be instantaneous.”

Everyone with a Hawken account will have been emailed to tell them about the shift. They’ve been issued with a Steam code to have the game install through the client without a hitch. Hawken is still free but it’s not going live in the Steam store for another week. You could just wait but then you wouldn’t get to use your exclusive code. The code that makes you feel exclusive. Exclusively.

Hawken’s current launcher is being dismantled by gremlins as we speak and soon the only way to access the game will be through Valve’s Steam client.

Until the game launches on Steam new account creation has been suspended. So if you don’t already play the mech shooter you’ll just have to wait.