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Levels themselves are torn apart in new Hawken demo trailer


Yeah, this is what we like: getting into our mechs and making a mess that somebody else will have to clean up.

As well as yesterday’s pretty impressive Hawken April Fool, Hawken developer Adhesive Games have been showing off a new demo trailer that demonstrates levels being torn apart. Walls explode, ceilings collapse and floors give way.

The demo you’re about to watch usesGPU Rigid Bodies (or GRBs, as the kids call ’em). I’m not sure I really know what that means, but I’d advise you to put on some safety goggles before you press play.

At the moment this is only a tech demo and there’s no hint when or even if this is going to make its way into the game, since it would put some pretty hefty demands on even a souped-up gaming PC. Still, Adhesive certainly have a very cool idea on their hands and, after watching, I doubt there’s many out there who wouldn’t want to give this a go. There’s huge potential here for all kinds of chaos and creative remodelling of a level to create shortcuts or even unpleasant surprises for other players. A team game could see both sides forced to improvise based on an ever-changing level, while a hectic deathmatch game would likely end with the scenery quite unrecognisable.

Thank you, PCGamer. You have a bit of concrete on you.