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Mechwarrior Online River City trailer sets it apart from the claustrophobic Hawken


Whilst Hawken’s setting itself up as the inner-city brawler of mech games, Mechwarrior Online looks to be going in a slower-paced powerhouse direction. This new River City trailer offers a good corollary because it shows how Mechwarrior handles the cityscapes.

Here’s that trailer with musings below:

Whereas Hawken seems to be a little frenetic, with you fighting across multiple city levels in a tight space in small, agile mechs, Mechwarrior seems to have gone in a different direction. The machines themselves seem larger, slower, more deliberate in their moves. The level design matches that. Opposing Hawken’s cover filled streets, Mechwarrior is full oflarge open roads and valleys, meaningthat if you leave cover in Mechwarrior you better have the advantage or have no other option. Even that Atlas, which has the height advantage on the bridge, just seems exposed to the mechs in the river below.

Hopefully, this will alltranslate into the gameplay creating something more tactical and less twitchy. I say ‘hopefully’ not because I’d prefer that to twitch but because if we’re going to have lots of mech games out this year it would be excellent if there was a spread of styles to separate them.

It’s notlong till both games open their doors to beta players and then we can see how the mustard’s cut.

If you’re looking for instant access to the Mechwarrior Online beta then you should go pick up a founder’s package, the minimum spend is $40 but the pack is only available till the 6th September. So get in there.

Cheers to GameTrailers for the video.