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Technician Update coming to Hawken, aims to make the game more tactical


This Friday on April 18th will see one of Hawkens biggest updates go live, adding its first support mech, the Technician. If that’s not enough, then you’ve also got the new Front Line map, new cosmetics, a ton of balance tweaks, an overhauled radar minimap and the Service Award achievement system. 

Without further ado, lets get stuck into this one shall we?

The Technician seeks to help Hawkens goal of defining it’s class roles and weapons, favouring those who think tactically as they play. “The Technician is our big addition to the game, and this will obviously change the way some of you play. For others, it’ll mean you can have increased sustain to rush in head-first.” explained Senior Community Manager Scapes.

“Don’t mistake the Technician for a harmless medic: heat management, a dual-mode secondary weapon, and an always-available primary weapon means the Technician plays very differently than what you might expect. It’s fun!”

The sheer amount of balance changes shouldn’t be ignored, arguably making up the bulk of this update. “Trust us, we haven’t been deaf to your feedback! In terms of general balance, this patch brings reduced burst damage and you’ll find that automatic weapons play a bigger role within specified combat ranges.” said Scapes.

“More than anything, you’ll find the game more tactical in large part because you now have the information to make on-the-fly decisions about who to cover on your team or who to attack on the enemy team. Use this information to achieve victory”

Prepare yourself, these patch notes are not for the faint hearted.