Hearstone’s Karazhan card reveal livestream begins in a few hours

One Night In Karazhan Card List

If you’re wanting to get a look at the cards coming in Hearthstone’s new Adventure, there’s a livestream reveal happening in a little bit.

We’ve already gathered up all the Karazhan Hearthstone cards we can find, so head to that link for a sneak peek. 

In the livestream, Hearthstone’s senior producer, Yong Woo, and Dan “Frodan” Chou will be talking viewers through more cards from the Karazhan Adventure.

The stream begins at 7pm PDT (10pm EDT or 4am CEST) and you can watch it below:

Blizzard plan to reveal the rest of the set tonight, though there might only be time for half of the set – the rest will appear on the Hearthstone Facebook page later on.

“Even if we don’t see them all tonight, we should get to see some awesome stuff regardless,” says the official post. “We’ve still yet to see any Priest or Shaman cards from the set so cross those fingers we at least get to see some of those.”

Karazhan is set to launch on August 11.