Come cringe yourself to death over this Thai pop song about Hearthstone and love


An official pop song has launched in Thailand for Blizzard’s free-to-play card battler, Hearthstone. It makes me want to die. 

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The video features a young Thai woman with an unhealthy Hearthstone addiction; she plays it on an exercise ball, on a run, and even when she’s floating in the middle of a swimming pool. I have no idea how she got it out in that last case and it’s driving me mental. Give it a rest, yeah?

Little does she know, she keeps passing a young man with a similar mobile card game fixation. Yes, it’s a love story via Hearthstone. It makes no sense and it’s far too happy to be a part of this awful, awful world.

Anyway, we all know the real Hearthstone love story is me, sat alone, hunched over my PC, playing Hearthstone and crying into a tube of Pringles. Sour cream and chive. Thanks for asking.

But that’s enough bragging about my life, have a watch of the video: