Heathstone’s Demon Hunter prologue is free to play right now

Hearthstone's Demon Hunter prologue is here - and the campaign's free

Hearthstone's new hero Illidan Stormrage

A new prologue campaign has arrived in Hearthstone, along with a hearty batch of new in-game goodies. Marking the arrival of the card game’s newest hero, Demon Hunter, the new content includes “a set of four story-driven single-player missions”, as well as some free cards, and a starting decklist for the class.

The Demon Hunter goes live alongside Hearthstone’s brand-new expansion, Ashes of Outland. The four new missions will explore Illidan Stormrage’s transformation into a Demon Hunter, and you’ll “learn about Illidan’s origin story from his perspective” during the prologue campaign. Plus, sinking your teeth into them will of course give you your first glimpse at the new class’s playstyle. Best of all, the prologue campaign is totally free to all players. Sweet!

Complete the campaign and you’ll be rewarded with everything you need to get playing the Demon Hunter. As well as unlocking the class itself, you’ll get the hero Illidan, 30 free cards – ten basic Demon Hunter cards and a set of 20 initiate Demon Hunter cards – as well as the class’s starting decklist. Just be sure to keep a deck slot free if you want to scoop this up!

Players who finish the prologue campaign will get access to the Demon Hunter on April 7, which is when the Ashes of Outland pack also arrives.

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Head to Blizzard’s site here to get a better look at the cards up close, ahead of the Demon Hunter’s arrival in-game. In the meantime, you might also want to take a look at our lists of the best multiplayer games and upcoming PC games if you’re keen to see what else is out there.