Hearthstone players rally together to get Blizzard’s attention on shop and arena bug

Hearthstone shop arena bug

Bugs can be a frustrating issue in any game, and the community of Blizzard’s simplistic yet fun collectable card game, Hearthstone, know all too well. After a bug has locked unlucky players out of being able to use the in-game shop and arena mode, the community plan to band together in an effort to raise awareness to Blizzard to fix the issue.

With the help Hearthstone’s most popular streamers, the mighty goal is to send over one million tweets with the “#FixOurShop” hashtag, tonight.

Reddit user Vandernath approached the games subreddit with the idea. “We are the 1% of Hearthstone players whose shop is closed. GvG is at our door, and we will not be able to play it!” explained Vandernath. “Since 4 months, our shop and arena are closed, we sent thousands of tickets and forum threads and nothing happened. So here we go.”

He’s reached out to Hearthstone Twitch streamer Forsen, who has agreed to help spread the message along with other streamers. “Tonight, during his streaming session, he will reach out to all known streamers he has a relationship with and ask them to stand for us-send a million tweets to Blizzard support and raise more awareness about this problem.”

Blizzard’s highly anticipated Hearthstone expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes, will only be available via new booster packs. Since the only way to gain booster packs is by buying them from the shop for gold or real money, or by playing in the arena, it is indeed true that the players affected by the bug will not be able to access any of the new content.

You can catch Forsen’s stream later tonight at around 19:00 CET; do you think it will work?

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