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Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament: all the spoiled cards so far

Hearthstone The Grand Tournament

Update 14/08 – 132/132 total: That’s every card now revealed. Now you can start planning those killer decks.

Hearthstone is getting more cards. Yes, it’s that time again, and this time Hearthstone players are being invited to take part in The Grand Tournament. Heroes from all over Azeroth – valiant, brave, and some rather strange – have gathered to take place in the prestigious event, which takes place in Northrend’s Argent Tournament grounds.

There’s going to be a total of 132 brand new cards for everyone to play with. With brand new legendaries, the new ‘Inspire’ mechanic, and ways to augment your hero abilities, we’re more eager than ever to find out what all the cards are and their effects.

Lucky for you, we’re collating the entire set as cards are revealed over the next month, up until the eventual release. Make sure you check back regularly to feast your eyes on the latest spoils!


Gadgetzan Jouster

Injured KvadirGurmok the Impaler

Armored WarhorseMuklars Champion

Crowd Favourite cardThe Skeleton Knight card

Skycap'n Kragg

Nexus-Champion SaraadFrost Giant


Coliseum ManagerNorth Sea Kraken

Lowly Squire

Maiden of the Lake


Lock and LoadBall of Spiders

Brave Archer card


Coldarra DrakeEffigy

Fallen Hero



Poisoned Blade



Draeni TotemcarverThunder Bluff Valiant

Tuskarr TotemicTotem Golem

Ancesteral Knowledge


Bash card




Druid of the Sabre card


Argent LanceTuskarr Jouster

Eadic the Pure

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