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Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods: all the new cards


Blizzard let loose details of their next unimaginably evil expansion to Hearthstone called Whispers of the Old Gods. You can watch Blizzard’s livestream reveal of tonnes of new cards, plus announcements about how to get the 13 free packs on offer on release day, here. Meanwhile, scroll below for a look at 

Update 24 Apr, 2016: All the cards. All of them. Every single card.

The expansion’s release date is April 26 and 27, depending on your region.As Standard is launching along with the new set and the patch that will nerf a lot of Classic and Basic set cards, this is when the set will go out to the wild.

There’s 134 new cards waiting to corrupt the inn – and most likely the meta – with their presence. There’s a chance a good number of them will be familiar faces, as many of the cards revealed so far are “corrupted” versions of existing cards, turned into bizarro mirror-world versions of themselves. Think Luigi versus Waluigi.

Since there’s still a while to go until the cards arrive, why not make one of the current best decks in Hearthstone while you wait?

The legendaries of this release will focus on the titular Old Gods, those four malevolent eldritch entities from the Warcraft universe that taint everything around them. Kicking off that party is C’thun, whose original 6/6 damage and health will be buffed by certain cultist cards whether he’s in play, in your hand or in your deck. Once you play him, that now hopefully inflated attack value will be dealt randomly to all enemies on the board, heralding the coming doom indeed.

Since decks are going to be built around him, C’thun and two Beckoners of Evil, one of his cultist cards, will be guaranteed as bonuses in your first pack opening of the expansion. To make that deal sweeter, you’ll get three packs just for logging in during an as yet unannounced promo period, probably just after the release (as before the release would just be confusing).

We’ll be putting together all the cards we can find from whatever holes they leak out of the good ship SS Blizzard in the coming weeks. Here’s what we’ve got so far:


tentacle of n'zothZealous initiate

Shifter ZerusNat, the Darkfisher

beckoner of evilDuskboar

Twisted WorgenBilefin Tidehunter

Twilight GeomancerSquirming Tentacle

spawn of nzothtwilight elder

Am'gam RagerSilithid Swarmer

Disciple of C'thunAbberant Berserker

polluted hoardercthuns chosen

faceless shamblereater of secrets

infested tauren

Evolved KoboldBlackwater Pirate

Midnight DrakeCyclopian Horror

Psycho-o-Troncult apothecary

corrupted healbotvalidated doomsayer

DarkspeakerCrazed Worshipper

skeram cultistCorrupted Seer

scaled nightmare mukla tyrant of the vale

ancient harbingerNerubian Prophet

hoggerGrotesque Dragonhawk

Bog CreeperTwin Emperor Vek'lor

Eldritch HorrorDoomcaller

the boggeymonster

Soggoth the Slitherer

Faceless Behemothnzoth corruptor


Yogg-Sarondeathwing, dragonlord


forbidden healingVilefin

steward of darkshirestand against darkness



InfestForlorn Stalker

Princessgiant sandworm

Call of the Wild


forbidden flame

Twilight Flamecaller

Demented Frostcallercabalists tome

Servant of Yogg-SaronFaceless Summoner


forbidden shapingEmbrace the Shadow

shadow word horror

Shifting Shade



mark of yshar


Mire Keeperdark arrakoa

Wisps of the Old Gods


nzoths first mate

Ravaging Ghoul

Tentacles for arms

ancient shieldbearer


Possessed Villager

Renounce Darkness

Spreading Madness




Master of Evolution

Hammer of TwilightHallazeal the Ascended

Thing from Below


Undercity Huckster

Xaril poisoned mind


Xaril’s toxins: