Hearthstone Winter Veil event decks the board with decorations, puts classic packs on sale


There’s a lot to be said for spending Christmas in a good pub. Somebody else will cook dinner. Drunkenness is briefly reclassified as merriness. And if you pick the right Azeroth establishment, you can play cards in the thick of Hearthstone’s Winter Veil event. The celebrations have already begun: the boards are decked with seasonal cheer, and the decks are cheaper to fill out.

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From now til January 6th, the paraphernalia around the periphery of the board will be flecked fetchingly with snow, draped with candy canes, wreaths and red-nosed griffins. Christmas emotes for each hero abound, too.


Beyond that there’s a sale of sorts, though Blizzard never get too carried away about this sort of thing. You can stuff 50 classic Hearthstone packs in your stocking for $49.99, which should provide you with plenty of arcane dust to sprinkle about the place.

How’re you getting on with Hearthstone’s latest adventure installment, League of Explorers?