Hearthstone’s lead designer Ben Brode has started streaming the game and it’s fantastic

Ben Brode streams Hearthstone

There are a lot (A LOT) of Hearthstone streamers out there, but not all of them are like this one. Lead designer Ben Brode, and his frankly astounding amount of charisma, has started streaming the game this week. How long it will last, what form it will take and if it will remain this hilarious remain to be seen, but for now it’s an interesting look inside one of the main minds behind the game.

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Brode’s playing on a F2P account – no money put in, just what he earns as he plays – to have a look at the new player experience. It means his opponents and both his and their decks aren’t the best, but it turns out if you work on a game for four-plus years, you end up pretty alright at it. Better than me, anyway.

Sadly his first stream, where he went through the full tutorial, wasn’t archived as Brode had never used Twitch before and hadn’t set it up to do so. I had a look around and it doesn’t look like anyone filmed it manually. Thankfully, yesterday’s hour and a half spent battling it out on ladder and later in the arena wassaved after Brode flipped the switch. The stream went down a couple of times, so I’m best off linking you to his Twitch page than embedding individual videos. Start on the right hand side and work through.

Obviously he has nothing to say about major upcoming changes to the game, but he does go into details about past experiments, what he’s worked on and, most importantly, his favourite sandwich. It’s a cavalcade of quotes, and the community’s most-memed-man may have set himself up for a few more. “Some people overmeat their sandwiches” was the best line of the night.