Hearthstone heads to Scholomance for its next expansion

The next update introduces 135 cards and new spells you can pick up at a magical academy

Blizzard has just revealed that we’re off to Scholomance for the next Hearthstone expansion. Called Scholomance Academy, the update comes with 135 new cards and is themed around magic and school, giving it a wee bit of a Harry Potter vibe.

More specifically, 40 of those are new dual-class cards that can be used by two classes. Every Hearthstone class is paired with two others, which makes for a total of ten possible combinations. Blizzard hopes these dual-class pairings will encourage strategies and highlight mechanics shared by both. Scholomance Academy also brings minion and weapon cards with the new keyword Spellburst that triggers a powerful one-time only effect the next time you cast a spell. There are also new spells called Studies that allow you to discover a card immediately while reducing the mana cost of the next card of that type you play.

If you’re keen to add some cards to your best Hearthstone decks, you can pick up the Scholomance Academy Mega Bundle for $79.99. It comes with 80 Scholomance Academy card packs, five bonus Scholomance Academy Golden Card Packs, one random Scholomance Academy Golden Legendary card, the Kel’Thuzad Mage Hero, the Kel’Thuzad card back, and – finally – a Tavern Pass that comes with four Arena tickets.

If you’d like a cheaper option, though, then there’s also the pre-purchase bundle for $49.99 that comes with 55 Scholomance Academy packs, one random Scholomance Academy Golden Legendary Card, and the Kel’Thuzad card back.

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