Blizzard apologises for Hearthstone’s new Tavern Pass, lays out changes

Blizzard has apologised for the “confusion and disappointment” that has come as a result of the Rewards Track in Hearthstone‘s new Tavern Pass and has promised to remedy the situation with a series of tweaks and changes.

The developer initially revealed it was overhauling the card game’s rewards system back in October and had promised that players wouldn’t be earning less gold as a result of that. Now that the new pass is out, however, a glance at Reddit reveals that players feel that Blizzard didn’t quite deliver upon that promise. The main bugbears of the community range from the price of the Tavern Pass to the low quality of rewards that come from it.

Blizzard is taking all of that in and says it agrees that the pack rewards at the end of the track don’t feel worth the effort it takes to get them. As such, rewards in the later stages of the track are getting adjusted. Six packs will be swapped for a total of 1350 gold, and if you’re already at that milestone, the studio will retroactively compensate you.

“Our goal for the Rewards Track continues to be that all Hearthstone players earn more gold and total rewards per expansion,” game director Ben Lee says on the game’s forum. “We’ll continue to evaluate the impact of these changes, listen to your feedback, and iterate as needed until we get it right.”

Judging by the game’s subreddit, though, it looks like more work will probably be required, with several people reporting that some critical issues haven’t been addressed, such as the rate you can rack up XP.

Elsewhere in Hearthstone land, the Darkmoon Faire is upon us. We gave it a go and came way quite pleased.