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Hearthstone on iPad exits "soft launch", goes hard for worldwide release

Hearthstone is now out everywhere on iPad, with an Android release to follow.

Blizzard soft launched Hearthstone’s iPad version earlier this month, in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But after weeks of imploring Blizzard to get a room with its favourite territories, or perhaps marry them if it fancies them so much, the PC behemoth - which is rather "elegant" according to our Hearthstone review - has relented. Hearthstone on iPad - the CCG you can eat with your fingers - last night launched worldwide on the App Store.

The handheld version of Hearthstone is supported on the 3rd and 4th generation iPads, iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad mini - though an Android port will follow in the coming months.

If you’re already a player on PC, your card collection and progress will follow you to the new device and back again - which is lucky, as some have already spent small fortunes on elaborate decks.

There’s also a free pack of cards in it for you - earned either by rattling through the “lighthearted” introductory missions as a new player, or finishing a single match in Play, Arena or Practice mode.

“What’s better than opening a Hearthstone card pack?”, exclaim Blizz, rhetorically. “Opening a Hearthstone card pack anywhere you want with the iPad!”

Here’s a supremely silly trailer to demonstrate the point:

I’m holding out for the Android version - but the thought of Hearthstone in bed makes me a bit giddy. Read our Nick's Hearthstone review for the whys. How about you?

Thanks, CVG.

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Acid Hoover avatarTim Edwards avatarDog Pants avatarDaelach avatar
Acid Hoover Avatar
4 Years ago

Yep, holding out for the Android version too.

But in the mean time I'm still using Splashtop, which works great for Hearthstone.

Tim Edwards Avatar
4 Years ago

I've actually been playing it on a Windows tablet. It sort of works well - but I'd love for them to spend a bit of time getting proper touch controls in.

Acid Hoover Avatar
4 Years ago

Yeah, me too.

Playing is fine via Splashtop, but creating and editing decks is a chew on.

Flicking your cards into play feels amazing though.

Daelach Avatar
3 Years ago

The version on the iPad is actually quite good, but I do think it could do with some further optimization, removing some of the bulkier animations would be a nice touch.

Other than that, my workplace productivity is seriously under threat thanks to the temptation

Dog Pants Avatar
4 Years ago

Damn you authenticator! I could be trying this out right now while I'm stuck at the in laws', but you have to be 100 miles away.