Hearthstone’s first major patch revamps crafting and gold rewards have gone right up

hearthstone beta blizzard patch

Hearthstone’s first patch is a big one, it touches almost every aspect of the game. It has the balances you’d expect but there are also changes to the crafting system, daily quests, the arena, the rate you acquire gold, and more.

It’s starting to make sense why Blizzard see the need to wipe all the beta accounts.

“Class balance has been a hot topic, with many of you commenting on the strength and versatility of the Rogue class compared to other classes, such as the Warrior and Priest,” wrote Blizzard. “Rogues will have some key spells and minions adjusted to bring them more in line with the other classes. Warriors and Priests will find themselves with new tools and improved cards to round out their arsenal, and we’ve made some adjustments to the other classes here and there as well.”

“We’ve changed experience and leveling so you can max out your Hero at level 60 and earn experience in any game mode up to max level. This includes Play mode (ranked or unranked), Practice, matches against friends, and the Arena.

“The rate that you acquire gold has been one of the other most-commented on topics on our forums. This patch will improve the gold output of Play mode, changing the gold generation rate from 5 gold per five wins to 10 gold per three wins.”

“We’ve made significant changes to the Arena as well: In general, rewards gained will include less dust and more cards, as well as guaranteeing more gold for both five and six Arena wins. To further entice you to become an Arena Grand Master, an extra pack OR a golden card is now guaranteed at nine wins.”

The crafting system’s UI’s been redesigned to make it easier to use for new players. It’s also being better telegraphed so players begin using it earlier.

The daily quests are being tweaked so that now any that require a specific class always have two to choose from.

Chat funcationality has been “streamlined” to make it “easier to interact with your friends”. Also, when you do something impressive in the game, like finding a legendary card, then it will inform your friends.

More Golden cards are being added into the game, too.