Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds minions: all the best card combinations

The best minions in Hearthstone’s autobattler mode and how to play them


Looking for the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds minions? We have barely stopped playing the new Hearthstone mode since it entered open beta. It’s seriously fun and of course, a new mode for us to master after putting together the best Hearthstone decks.

Along with mastering all of the heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds – check out our Hearthstone tier list for our pick of the best – and learning how to play Battlegrounds, it’s also worth knowing what you’ll come up against once you’ve learned the basics. We wept on learning murlocs would grace the Battlegrounds, they are notoriously unpleasant to deal with and a pain in the posterior, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by their lukewarm contribution to the meta. But, of course, with every dud card, another minion type must reign supreme and we’re here to point out the decks you need to assemble in order to win.

As well as cards to look out for and ones you should never pass up, we’ve also included combinations of the best minions we’ve seen so far. So, here are all the best Hearthstone Battlegrounds minions and why you should pick them in the new autobattler mode.

Rat Pack

Alone, Rat Pack isn’t a threat. Its ability is ‘Deathrattle: summon a number of 1/1 rats equal to its attack’. Okay, not so menacing for a 2/2. If it wasn’t for the sheer number of beast buffing cards that you’ll encounter, we wouldn’t think anything of it at all. Rat Pack is the gift that keeps on giving, paired with Pack Leader and Mama Bear, along with Scavenging Hyena, it’s a sure fire way to have minions left on the board at the end of each round. And not just any minions either, with the right buffs your 1/1 rats will start spawning with 10+ attack.

Wrath Weaver

At first this 1/1 demon that deals 1 damage to you every time you play a demon doesn’t seem like the most appealing option. However, this card also gains +2/+2 for each demon you play and it can seriously get out of control. Go for the triple cards early and Wrath Weaver is a solid match if you’re the hero Patchwerk and start with 60 health. Also, if you can get your hands on Mal’Ganis (your demons have +2/+2 and your hero is immune) you can stop worrying about Wrath Weaver biting in to your health.

Nightmare Amalgam

Nightmare Amalgam is all minion types including murloc, demon, mech, dragon, and beast. Pretty handy if your board is shaping up to a be a mish mash of minion types, but equally handy if you need to feed any buffs triggered by summons. This is also handy if you are the hero Queen Wagtoggle (give a random friendly mech, demon, murloc, and beast +1 health). By now you might see a few poisonous taunts crop up. Well, by using Nightmare Amalgam with the murloc card Toxfin (give a murloc poisonous), and various magnetic mech cards such as Replicating Menace and Annoy-o-Module, the Nightmare Amalgam will dominate the Battlegrounds.

Mounted Raptor

It was difficult to see how Mounted Raptor can compete with Rat Pack, it doesn’t offer any beasts on deathrattle, and it’s attack and health isn’t anything to rave about. Until we started playing it with the hero The Lich King that as the hero power ‘At the start of your turn, give your right-most minion reborn.’ Giving Mounted Raptor (deathrattle: summon a random 1-cost minion) reborn in the early game, not only means you technically get two more minions to fight it out, it also means that the chances are very high that a minion will be left on the board, and that 1-cost minion will have a high tavern tier, dealing a blow that your opponent will have to think twice about.

Spawn of N’Zoth

Were a big fan of small cards chipping away, doing their part to buff up the rest of the board. However, they can get swallowed up in the late game, so the 2/2 Spawn of N’Zoth (deathrattle: give all minions +1/+1) paired with Baron Rivendare, means it’s still contributing even when it remains a 2/2. As Spawn of N’Zoth tavern tier is two and there are 15 copies of it in the pack, going for the triple card option which upgrades the card to ‘deathrattle: give all minions +2/+2’ makes it a fearsome contender. Make sure to put this on the left side of the board, so it attacks first and the rest of your minions can reap the benefits.

Selfless Hero

This 1-cost 2/1 card doesn’t seem worth keeping beyond the early game, but don’t overlook this minion. Giving Divine Shield to another hero can make your strongest units twice as effective, and even if you don’t buff Selfless Hero, she’ll still be handy for popping enemy Divine Shields.

Cobalt Guardian

Play this card in a mech build and you’ll quickly have a 3-star 6/3 minion with Divine Shield, which is sound. Bear in mind that you’ll need a heap of extra mech-based buffs to make this card truly shine, but once it’s embedded in your deck it’s tough to get rid of.

Security Rover

Buff this card with as much health as possible and aim for a triple, and then pair it with some mechs that buff allies on summon and it’s almost impossible to get this minion off the board.

Mama Bear

This card is practically the only way to win with the beat comp. Pair it with any and all beast-spawning minions and you’ll have a constant stream of very strong minions flooding the board.

Annihilan Battlemaster

This is pretty rare and will only come into its own during the late-game, but it’s beyond broken how good this card can be under the right circumstances. So ignore the fact that it’s a 5-cost 3/1 card, because the battlecry gives the card +1 health for every point of damage your hero has taken. If you’re playing a demon deck then it’s likely you’ll be low on health by the mid-game, meaning you can instantly turn this card into a 3/30. Add some damage buffs wherever possible, or even taunt so he acts as a tank, and the rest of your hand are free to dish out heaps of damage.

If you get the triple for Annihilan Battlemaster then you’ll have the battlecry from both cards, plus the buff from the triple, which effectively gives the minion +4 health for every point of damage taken. We’ve seen Annihilan with over 100 health, so you should be absolutely fine so long as you don’t come up against poison.

These are the best minions we’ve seen in Hearthstone Battlegrounds so far. Of course, as Battlegrounds is in open beta, there’s always a chance these Hearthstone Battlegrounds cards will go through some balancing and as Blizzard are prone to buffing and nerfing regular Hearthstone cards, we can never be sure that this will be their final form. We could also see new cards introduced into the game, as Hearthstone Battlegrounds already has new heroes planned.