Hearthstone Battlegrounds matchmaking update explained

The lowdown on why you're ranking so low down in Hearthstone's autobattler

Hearthstone Battlegrounds release date

Wondering how the Hearthstone Battlegrounds matchmaking rating is affected by wins and losses? The new mode is already proving popular among fans of auto chess games and the best card games, but the way it calculates MMR is leaving quite a few people confused about their performance.

As the game is an eight-player autobattler, your MMR (or matchmaking rating), is a little more complicated than a usual win-lose situation. You might lose the game by a lot, or maybe just a little bit, so your rating can fluctuate based on these factors and more. Matchmaking is a rather important part of any competitive game so fans are keen to know what they should expect from the rankings in Battlegrounds.

Playing a few games means that a new user will see turbulent MMR scores. Being within the top four means some MMR gain, and being in the bottom four means an MMR loss. Outright winning or losing means over a hundred points either way. So to help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes, we’ve created a quick guide breaking down everything we know about the Hearthstone Battlegrounds MMR system.


How do you rank up in Hearthstone Battlegrounds?

According to a blog post from Blizzard, its matchmaking system is pretty straightforward. You can see your MMR going into a match and it will only change after the match ends. The amount of points you gain or lose depends on where you place when you’re knocked out, as well as the skill rankings of your opponents. The general rule of thumb is that landing in the top four will reward you with MMR gain, while the bottom four will lose you MMR – the higher or lower you are, the more or less points you gain.

However, this MMR gain or loss depends on who you’re up against. So, if you’re MMR is much higher than that of your opponents and you win, you’ll walk away from the tavern with fewer points than if you had beaten equal opponents. This can lead to situations where you place fourth but still lose MMR, as you have lost against players the matchmaking system expects you to beat.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds matchmaking update

Blizzard has not expanded on this so far, but the studio has announced some tweaks to MMR figures. Here’s what Blizzard says:

“We’ve made adjustments to the number of points given for first place. In the original system, you got 240 points for a first place on your first game, and 24 pts for a first place on your 150th (or later) game. Now, you will get 190 pts for a first place on your first game and 95 pts for a first place on your 150th (or later) game.”

So far that’s everything we know about the MMR system in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, but Blizzard says there are more updates coming soon for stats, so hopefully this will be clearer in the future.

If you haven’t played Hearthstone Battlegrounds yet, we have a great tier list, a hero list, and a card list for your viewing pleasure. We’ve even got a guide on how to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds if Blizzard’s tutorial doesn’t cut it for you.

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