Blizzard put out casting call to cast two Hearthstone casters

Hearthstone casters

If you fancy yourself an eSports caster, Blizzard are running a competition to hire a new casting duo to talk through some Hearthstone tournaments. Applicants need to be plucky, witty, well spoken, know their Hearthstone, and having a good rapport with your partner probably won’t hurt. 

If you don’t know the card game all that well, start with our selection of the best Hearthstone decks

You’ll really need to be able to dig into games on-the-fly, delivering insight into both the players and what’s happening in the match, play-by-play. If you know your Jade Druid from you Reno Warlock, listen up.

To apply, you need to head to and download a video there containing a match. There’s also some background information on the players, along with information on what decks they’ll be deploying.

Just record yourself casting the game with a partner and then stick it on YouTube. When it’s uploaded, tweet it out to @PlayHearthstone and use the hashtag #HScast2017. Stick your email addresses in the YouTube description and cross your fingers.

The talented winners will bolster Blizzard’s casting ranks for the Hearthstone Collegiate National Championship – part of the Tespa Competitive Series.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an aspiring caster, Blizzard are looking to the community for hidden talent, and you have from now until January 13 to get it done.

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