Hearthstone’s new hero is the druid Lunara

hearthstone druid class lunara

While Blizzard are keeping their collective lips sealed on release dates, themes, and even names of Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven expansions, the developers were able to reveal that we’ll be getting another druid character to play with: Lunara.

Here’s everything we know about Hearthstone’s upcoming Year of the Raven.

Lunara “epitomises that spirit and whimsy of Heartstone,” the games art director Ben Thompson tells us on a call. With each character, Blizzard try to capture a different personality so Hearthstone players have someone they can identify with. Lunara will be for players who approach the game with a light playfulness.

Hearthstone launched with just one character representing each class, but over the years since its release Blizzard have been adding in more heroes alongside the piles of new cards. Most classes now have two characters to pick from. The druids are one of the last to have a sole representative – Malfurion Stormrage. Someone who, as you can imagine, wasn’t the chirpiest

It’s not just a diversity of personality that Blizzard want with their hero characters – “If we’re gonna say that Hearthstone is a game for everybody, the opportunity to introduce a female class is an opportunity we’re gonna take whenever possible,” Thompson says. “It felt like a really good opportunity to get more female heroes in the game as well, to play along with the male counterparts.”