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Hearthstone’s Wild format is getting its first official tournament later this year

Hearthstone Wild Tournament

Since Blizzard introduced the Wild and Standard formats to Hearthstone about a year ago, every major tournament has stuck to the Standard format. Well, this is about to change as Blizzard have announced that they will host Hearthstone’s first official Wild format tournament later this year.

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For those who aren’t au fait with Hearthstone, the Wild format of Hearthstone is where any card from the game’s history can be used in a deck. Unlike Standard, where certain cards and sets are rotated out every year, the Wild format means players have access to all the overpowered card combos that have ever seen play in Hearthstone.

As you can imagine, Wild games are suitably wild as players try to craft ridiculous combo decks in order to defeat their opponent. While fun to dip in and out of every so often, most pros see the Wild format as just a bit of side fun, as every major competition uses the Standard format.

Hopefully, Blizzard’s introduction of a special Wild tournament should entice more people into playing the format competitively. In order to qualify for this event, players need to place within the top 64 Wild players by the end of the May Legend ladder. Do that and you will be invited to compete in the tournament. Blizzard are planning to release extra details about dates, tournament location and possible prizes in the future, so stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, get digging through old card sets and see what devious strategies you can think up to use in Wild. I know decks like Mimiron Mage are currently popular, as they combine old strategies with the new Quest cards found in Journey to Un’Goro but we’ll no doubt see more decks emerge in the next month.