Hearthstone’s Mean Streets of Gadgetzan release date set for December 1


Update: Blizzard have announced the release date for Gadgetzan, Heathstone’s upcoming goblin-themed expansion.

Means Streets of Gadgetzan launches on December 1, bolstering Hearthstone with 132 new minions and spells to decimate the enemy with. Not long now until Hearthstone’s meta changes forever. 

We’ve been tracking all the cards revealed so far, so check out our post on all the Hearthstone Gadgetzan cards.

Original Story: If you’re looking forward to the next Hearthstone expansion, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Blizzard are showing off and revealing the rest of the cards in a stream right now.

The great thing about Blizzard’s stream is that you get to see the cards in action, seeing how they can be applied to different decks. Obviously the expert commentary from the developers themselves doesn’t hurt either.

Seeing the cards being used in a match makes them seem more real, too. Hopefully that means it’s not long now. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a release date reveal during the stream.

Check it out below:

We’ll update this post if the release date is revealed. We’ll also add any cards revealed to our big Gadgetzan card post shortly – click that link up there to see what’s been revealed so far.