Hearthstone Halloween event adds Witch Jaina skin – we know what you’re doing, Blizzard

Witch Jaina Hearthstone halloween event

When something works, do it again. Witch Mercy proved one of the most, ahem, popular additions to Overwatch during its huge boom period last year, and now Halloween has rolled around again. Never to be outdone, Hearthstone is getting its own spooky event this year, and as part of that they’re dressing each character up. They just so happen to have picked Jaina’s Witch costume to show it off. Hmm.

The release of a new warlock hero is also part of the Halloween festivities, but it hasn’t gone too well.

Unlike Overwatch, the skins are a little less detailed, but also completely free. Art assets applied on top of the normal portraits, they’ll be active in Arena mode while the Hallow’s End event runs between October 24 and November 6. The mechanical element of this is that Arenas will feature dual classes where you pick a hero, a hero power, and then get access to cards from each class.

But, let’s be honest, people will be playing for the cosplay. Always the way.

Hearthstone Witch Jaina

There will also be free entry to the Arena once per week, as well as a free pack from Whispters of the Old Gods between October 24 and 30, and from Knights of the Frozen Throne between October 31 and November 5.

On the Tavern Brawl side of things, there will be a custom PvE brawl against the Headless Horseman, also involving playing dress-up, giving unique decks and passive hero powers. That runs October 25 to 28. Full details over on the official site.