Hearthstone streamer’s card collection was so huge Blizzard had to improve their server tech

Hearthstone Kripparian

Hearthstone’s economy works fairly simply – there can be two copies of any card in your deck, or one in the case of Legendary cards. Any spares are useless to you and can be disenchanted for dust, a currency that can then be spent on crafting other cards. There’s even a button to do this for you, getting rid of all your spares in one.

Octavian “Kripparian” Morosan, one of the game’s most popular streamers, has so many spare cards that if he had pressed this button before Blizzard’s server upgrade, it would have brought the whole game down.

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The tidbit comes from Hearthstone game director Ben Brode posting on Reddit, replying to a thread about Kripp’s legendary collection – which he has been gathering until he has enough cards to create a fully golden collection in one go.

Based on that, the team at Blizzard aren’t even sure if pressing the button would be safe even now. That could happen fairly soon, as the original poster of that thread points out that Kripp needs another 700 packs before he’s good to go – not exactly difficult when the stream to do so would likely bring in upwards of 50,000 viewers and you’re sponsored by Amazon, who can provide packs.

Of course, there’s always another set on the horizon, so the pool keeps growing. Given Kripp’s been building his spreadsheet since the start of the year, expect him to announce it if he’s ever planning on actually pulling the trigger. Not least to give the server engineers some warning.