You might not have got as many legendary Hearthstone cards as you deserve recently

Hearthstone Deck Box

If you’ve been opening Hearthstone card packs and noticed the you’ve got slightly less legendaries or epics than you expected, you’re not alone, and you may well be right. The changes to card drop rates have had an unintended side effect where some players have received one less legendary or epic than they deserve. 

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There’s been some speculation on this, but it was confirmed over on the official forums by a community manager. While there are no more specifics other than this being an “unintended side effect,” the Hearthstone subreddit seems to think it’s a reset of the game’s pity timer.

If so, that would mean almost everyone has been affected by this little bug. They’re aiming to hotfix this “next week,” so hopefully that means Monday or Tuesday. Following that, Blizzard are also going to be reaching out to anyone who has been affected by this with their “resolution plan.” It’s difficult to tell if you’ve been affected, so you’ll have to find out when Blizzard start sending these emails in the next few weeks.

It’s definitely annoying for those who like to game the pity timer of Hearthstone, especially before a major expansion. Hopefully it’s an easy issue to resolve.