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Hearthstone players: make sure you log in today for free golden Volcanosaur

Hearthstone Journey to Un'Goro

A quick public service announcement: if you play Hearthstone, at all, even a bit, then make sure you log in to your account some time today. Your free log-in reward will be a Golden Volcanosaur.

Get a scent for the new meta with our list of all the Journey to Un’Goro cards.

Here’s the card on fan site Hearthpwn, alongside its normal variant. Not only does the golden version look sweet, you can actually use it today, meaning you can play with Un’Goro’s new Adapt mechanic before the full expansion releases tomorrow.

The volcanosaurs

Players are already giving their thoughts in the card’s comments section on Hearthpwn. Though dependent on your luck (since you get a choice of only one of three randomly chosen adaptations), two adaptations gives this card immense versatility, despite its poor stats for its mana cost.

If you’re wondering when the deadline is, daily quests are reset at midnight at your local server’s time, which will obviously vary depending on the region in which you’re playing – it’s PST in the Americas, CET in Europe, and Korea time in Asia.

Golden Volcanosaur is the culmination of this series of free daily login rewards. It’s a bit cruel of us to link you to them, really, since if you missed them they’re now beyond your reach.