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Hearthstone’s new Priest hero, Tyrande, datamined after patch 14406


Blizzard were more than happy to tell us the next hero skin for Hearthstone would be Tyrande, but patience quickly wore out for dataminers eagerly seeking more details. They’ve managed to get her unlocked in a version of the client, getting access to her emotes for everyone to see. This joins the usual batch of hidden files – Tavern Brawl backgrounds and animated card backs – discovered while poking around.

This patch also brought the Hearthstone Welcome Bundles.

Here’s the video of Tyrande doing here thing, via Hearthpwn:

They also found evidence of a new emote in Tyrande’s files, named BRB – be right back. It seems to be a new AFK indicator for Hearthstone, though whether it’s still planned or something that was discontinued but never removed remains to be seen.

Beyond that, there’s no further evidence of the “special promotion” Blizzard are planning for players to be able to unlock Tyrande. It’s not from BlizzCon, at least according to the list of virtual goodies we’ve been given. I want an upgrade for Anduin though, so I hope it’s easy.

Elsewhere in the files, Hearthpwn have animated versions of the three upcoming cardbacks Blizzard announced, plus what looks like the Karazhan chess event as a Tavern Brawl, among others. Those are likely planned for the coming couple of months.