What would Hearthstone be like if it was made for the StarCraft universe?

Hearthstone StarCraft board

What would it be like if Hearthstone branched out, to do something akin to Heroes of the Storm and mash Blizzard’s universes up together? One artist has come up with a bit of concept art for exactly that – a StarCraft-themed Hearthstone board.

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More accurately, it’s a Terran-themed board, featuring a siege tank, marines, and a medivac. Florian Neumann is the artist behind the board, and you can see more images – including closeups and an interactive render – on ArtStation.

So, what would the easter eggs be here for clicking the corners? Perhaps the Orbital Command could lift off, the siege tank could fire at the medivac, and the Ghost Academy could fire its nuke on a click?

Neumann estimates it took over 50 hours to create, and, despite having worked with Blizzard on Lúcio’s Jazzy skin, this is simply a little fan project. You can see more of his work on his ArtStation profile.