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Hearthstone is finally getting a tournament mode

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A tournament mode is finally coming to Hearthstone. The changes will make their way to Blizzard’s CCG as part of the upcoming Year of the Raven.

Here's everything we know about Hearthstone's Year of the Raven.

Blizzard say that the advent of tournament mode will allow you to play with friends, but is also aimed at helping with Fireside Gatherings - local, small-scale events where Hearthstone players can meet up and play together. The aim is to make some of the administrative aspects of the tournament easier to organise.

Matchmaking and deck-validation will all be taken care of in the Hearthstone client by Blizzard. That means that organising matches should be easier, as will making sure players are only using their submitted deck lists and not swapping out cards between games. That should make life easier for the Innkeepers in charge of the Gatherings, specifically in larger tournaments.

There’s no set date for the arrival of tournament mode, so it’s unlikely that it’ll be ready for players by the time the Year of the Raven begins (which is probably sometime in April). Sadly, Blizzard say that while they’re looking into providing rewards, it’s not something they’re able to do just yet, so players will continue to have to foot the bill.

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