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Hearthstone’s new Game Mode ID is coming soon


Blizzard has flown into the middle of the E3 news storm to deliver news of a new feature edging into the free to play card game Hearthstone in an upcoming patch. What’s it called? Game Mode ID. 

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Well, it’s called that internally, and will probably get a catchier title before launch. Game Mode ID shows a ltitle icon next to your name, similar to the way your rank pops up next to your name in the ranked mode. These will signify where you are in the game a bit better if you’re forgetful, but also add some extra functionality.

The Arena icon will display your current win count but also how many losses you have on your current run. No word on if this will show to enemies so you can see when you’ve just given someone their third loss to crash them out of the arena.

The Tavern Brawl icon will tell you the rules of the current brawl if you roll your mouse over it, while the Adventure icon will use an icon from the adventure to look nice. Similarly, Casual’s icon is solely for the purpose of looking nice.

It seems a minor tweak then, but a useful one for usability. We got this from a video on the @Playhearthstone twitter account, which we’ve posted below.