Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawl delay due to technical problems, rewards won’t change before release

Hearthstone Heroic Brawl

Hearthstone’s Heroic Brawls are still on the way however have been delayed by new server tech, says Blizzard’s Jason Chayes.

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The production director on Blizzard’s card game told PCGamesN at BlizzCon that the paid brawls were still on the way, and slipping the pre-BlizzCon release date did not mean the mode was shelved or being redesigned.

“They are still [coming soon],” Chayes explains. “We wanted to do some stuff on the server to prepare for Heroic Brawl that lead to us pushing it out a little bit later than we were talking about initially.”

Chayes is also aware that the mode, which charges an admission fee and pays out rewards depending on how well players perform in their run against other brawlers, had raised some concerns from the community but the team were not looking into changing the value of rewards.

“The biggest request we’ve had coming from players since the initial release of the game is the idea of a tournament mode,” Chayes says. “This is not a full tournament mode but it’s kind of our first step towards something like that, where I can take a constructed deck and see how I stack up against some of the best players that are out there.

“This is definitely not a brawl that is intended for brand new players, this is something to really appeal to players with a good sense of what the state of the game is and can be very competitive in it and see how far they can go with some potentially very significant prizes on the line.”

Asked specifically if there was any intention to change the buy-in cost or the reward structure, Chayes confirms Blizzard aren’t planning on changing things before the first week of heroic brawls, saying that “It’s something that we feel very strongly that we want to put out there and give our community a chance to try it.” Presumably, informed feedback after the fact will impact how Heroic Brawl, and any other tournament modes in the future, are developed.