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One Night in Karazhan wing four, the Spire, now available for Hearthstone

Karazhan datamining

Releasing steadily over the last few weeks, Hearthstone’s latest expansion, the One Night in Karazhan adventure, is finally at an end. The fourth wing, The Spire, has landed, featuring three new bosses and 11 cards. 

For everything that’s coming in this adventure, check our Karazhan card list.

The final wing adds the following:

  • Bosses
    • Shade of Aran
    • Netherspite
    • Prince Malchezaar
  • Cards
    • Medivh’s Valet
    • Spirit Claws
    • Netherspite Historian
    • Book Wyrm
    • Malchezaar’s Imp
    • Ironforge Portal
    • Violet Illusionist
    • Prince Malchezaar
    • Medivh, The Guardian
    • Ethereal Peddler
    • Moonglade Portal

Defeating Shade of Aran for the first time will reward you with Spirit Claws and Medivh’s Valet, and once the regular version of these cards are unlocked you can craft the golden versions.

As for Netherspite, beating it for the first time will reward you with the Netherspite Historian and Book Wyrm. Again, the golden version can be crafted later.

The final boss,Prince Malchezaar, rewards you with the most cards, droppingMalchezaar’s Imp,Ironforge Portal,Violet Illusionist,Prince Malchezaar andMedivh, The Guardian upon defeat. You know the drill about the golden versions.